Our Services

Wet Magnetic Particle Inspection of rotary shouldered connections

This service covers the examinations of rotary shouldered connections to identify surface transverse flaws such as fatigue cracks using wet fluorescent magnetic particle (Black Light) inspection techniques. Rotary Shouldered Connections. Hoisting Equipment and Derricks.

Full length Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection of tubular products

This service covers the length inspection of the external surface of tubular products, using a Residual Magnetic Field and dry magnetic particles or an Active Field produced by an AC yoke and dry magnetic particles. Tubular Products. Pad Eye Inspection. Hoisting Equipment and Derricks.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

This service covers the inspection of materials by means of the Liquid Penetrant Inspection Method for the detection of defects which are open to the surface. Non-Magnetic Materials

Ultrasonic Shear Wave Inspection and thickness measurements

This service covers the shear wave ultrasonic examination of used steel pipes, pressure vessels and welds. Shear Wave. Thickness Inspection.

EMI Inspection drill pipe and Tubing

Using electromagnetic device which aids in identifying transverse and three dimensional imperfections and defects that would affect the performance of oilfield tubular goods. The most common application of EMI inspection is for drill pipe and tubing; however it is also possible to be used for casing inspection upon request.

Eddy Current Inspection

Locator 3s Single Frequency Eddy Current Instrument with Conductivity and Coating Thickness Measurement.

Visual Dimensional Inspection of rotary shouldered connections

This service covers the dimensional measurements of tool joint OD, ID, Box Shoulder Width, Tong Space, Measurement of Box Swell, Counter bore Depth, Pin Lead, Bevel Diameter, Box Seal Width and Shoulder Flatness. Profile of Threads. Checking Standoffs.

Thread Gauge Inspection

inspectors will ensure that thread are in compliance with threading specifications required by both API and customer's specification. Mechanical Measurements and Visual Inspection methods are applied in this procedure. Gauges (such as dial gauge, steel rule and profile gauge) used for the inspection.

Full Length Drifting

Drift mandrel applied to check internal pipe. The drift mandrel shall pass freely through the pipe with a reasonable exerted force equivalent to weight of mandrel being used for the test. Pipe shall not be rejected until it has been drift tested when it is free of all foreign matter and properly supported to prevent sagging.

Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection

This covers the inspection of all components in the Bottom Hole Assembly, to include Subs, Stabilizers, Shock Tools, Drilling Motors, MWD, Bit Connections etc.

Digital Bore scope Inspection

This service covers the bores coping of drill pipe and casing. We can provide you with a video or CD with a narratio of the test performed. Bore scope with TV and VCR. Digital Bore scope with CD to facilitate emailing results, etc. ATS supply bore scopes in different lengths and diameters in either format.

Portable Prefacing Unit

All mobile units are outfitted with refacing equipment. Removes imperfections on shoulders to increase life span of tool joints. Leaves a machine finish on connections. Copper Sulfate and connection coating provided.

Lifting Gear Inspection

With the recently introduced legislation of LOLER safety when lifting has been greatly emphasized. Inspection forms a core part of this legislation and ATSCO have the expertise and testing facilities to ensure that our customers lifting equipment meets the required standards for safe use.

Load Testing

Load Cell applied to measuring tare and maximum gross weight of hoisting and handling equipments. This testing covers inspection on critical area by Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Supplying All NDT Materials and Equipments

We supply all NDT consumables materials and rent  NDT portable equipment such as: Hand yokes, Magnetizing coil, UV-Hand lamp & more…..  Bore scope with TV and VCR.

ASNT Certified Technicians - Level II Inspectors

ATS Inspection Level II Inspectors / Technicians are ASNT Certified. They have met all of the specific requirements for class room training, practical experience, education and examination for specific classification and technical knowledge, underlying the inspections which personnel perform, witness, monitor and evaluate. Our trained and qualified personnel are kept abreast of the changing technologies in the inspection areas.

Mobile Units for onshore or offshore rig locations

ATS Inspection has fully equipped mobile units available on a 24 hour call basis for timely response to both onshore and offshore job locations.